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same sex adoption attorney Atlanta GAAdopting a child is a meaningful and joyful time in your life, but the process can be very complicated, particularly for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples. Georgia adoption laws fortunately do not explicitly prohibit same-sex adoptions. While Georgia law does not explicitly prohibit same-sex adoptions it can be somewhat ambiguous when it comes gay adoptions, and step-parent adoptions, further complicating the process.

LGBT prospective adoptive parents often believe they will have a harder time adopting than their heterosexual counterparts. With purpose and planning this is not necessarily true. While it may be hard to resist the temptation to adopt through the fastest channel, it often pays off in the long run to wait until you find a situation you feel is right for your family.

Angela Kinley is a skilled Atlanta same sex adoption attorney for same sex couples who knows the best way to navigate the procedures. Using a knowledgeable adoption lawyer will streamline the process and give you a higher probability of success. Angela has assisted members of Atlanta’s LGBT community in the area of family law, assisting with adoption petitions is something that she is proud to do. Atlanta Adoption Attorney Angela Kinley will guide you through each step of the adoption process, from filing the initial paperwork to the final placement of your child in your home.

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