Child support modification – is it guaranteed??

In Georgia, child support awards are based on the income of both parents as well as expenses related to the child’s medical insurance premiums, daycare expenses, extraordinary educational or medical expenses and various other factors including a pre-existing child support order for another child or a qualified child living in a parent’s home.  Once an […]

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Final Judgment and Decree and After If the case is resolved by agreement, most judges will allow the parties or their attorneys to file a motion for judgment on the pleadings and the divorce is granted without the need to appear in court. There are some courts that still require an appearance to prior to […]

How To Get Divorced In Atlanta, Georgia – Pt 9

Child Support

Trial If the parties cannot reach an agreement, either by themselves or through mediation, the case will proceed to trial. The parties can elect to have a bench trial, where only a judge is present and decides all issues in the case, or a jury trial. If one of the parties elects to have a […]

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Guardian Ad Litem If the case involved minor children and a custody dispute, a guardian ad litem may be appointed by the Court to represent the interest of the children. The guardian may be a court employee, if the case is transferred to a juvenile court that has staff guardians, or may be a private […]

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Mediation The parties may elect to utilize mediation as a means to resolve the case, and in some cases, the Court may order the parties to participate in mediation. Mediation is a voluntary process where each side is present along with a mediator and each side makes offers and counteroffers in an attempt to reach […]

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Child Support

Emergency or Temporary Hearing If the case involves minor children or a party who is in need of support during the pendency of the case, the Court can schedule a hearing, upon motion of one of the parties, to decide certain issues on an emergency or temporary basis. If the parties can reach an agreement […]

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What’s Next After the Defendant has been served, he or she has 30 days (45 with payment of court costs) to file an answer to the complaint. If the Defendant is served by publication, he or she has 60 days to file the answer. After the initial period of time has expired, the case will […]

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Serving the Defendant The Defendant must be served in accordance with Georgia law. There are several ways in which to accomplish service. First, the Defendant can acknowledge service of the complaint by executing an affidavit confirming his or her receipt of the documents. There is no service fee assessed when the Defendant acknowledges service. Second, […]

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Filing the Case Filing the complaint for divorce is the first step in the case. The cost of filing depends on the county in which the defendant resides, or where the plaintiff resides, if the defendant resides out of state, cannot be located or consents to jurisdiction. The filing fee can range from $204 to […]

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Uncontested or Contested There are two types of divorces in Georiga – uncontested and contested. An uncontested divorce requires that the parties come to an agreement on all issues pending in the case, including, without limitation, division or real and personal property, division of debt, custody, child support, visitation, alimony and attorney’s fees. If you […]