Why Hire an Adoption Attorney in Atlanta, Ga.

Adoption Attorney Atlanta, GA
Adoption is an exciting, but often complicated, process. Whether a foreign or domestic adoption, stepparent or other family member adoption, it is important to contact an attorney in Atlanta who knows how to ensure that the adoption process is completed in a timely manner.

Adoption by Stepparents

The most common type of adoption is that of a child by stepparents. In many situations the adopting step-parent assumes all financial and legal responsibility for their spouse’s child or children which releases the noncustodial parent of parental responsibilities, including child support payments. State laws on adoptions vary. Many States have a streamlined system for adoptions by stepparents whereby the judge hearing the petition has the authority to dispense with the requirement in State laws for an adoption home study. Some States, however, will not approve a stepparent adoption until the custodial parent has been married to the stepparent for a year or longer. When a stepparent wishes to adopt a stepchild, the child’s parents are usually required to consent to the adoption. In consenting to the adoption, noncustodial parents relinquish all parental rights and responsibilities; including the child’s support.

Some State adoption laws specify certain circumstances under which the noncustodial parent’s consent is not required at all, while other states have made special provisions in their adoption laws to allow such adoptions to occur, even over the objections of the noncustodial parent. In all cases, it is beneficial to contact a knowledgeable Atlanta Adoption Lawyer.

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